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...a little Hagaren doodles :D?

So, here's some...impulsively drawn, quick Hagaren doodles. With watercolour.

...Boy has it been a while since I drew something Hagaren XD. And it feels like it's been a certain while since something was last colour pencil'd.
Well, I'm not sure I can really say 'Enjoy',but rather 'Here ye go' :D!

Also, I'm pretty sure this is all wrong anatomically-wise XD;. Doodles done on impulsion.

Characters: Envy, Edward, Alphonse, Trisha
Time5 minutes for the sketch, another ten for the coloring?
That is...a bit hard to explain. It seems that in my head one day suddenly a whole movie was going on about, it seems, Envy who,while he was in Ishval at the start of the war decided to,you know, hop off to Resembool, see Hoeinheim's family, kill it maybe. And uh. Well. Stuff happened, Trisha was met, and perhaps even a Homunculus needs a little of mom love sometimes?
AUGH. This is pretty cheesy and incoherent.
...but finishing Hachikuro made me go in fuzzball mode XD;. Perhaps I've got to stop with this obsession of momsy love.

CharactersAlphonse, Wrath
SettingMovie ?
Nothing much to say :D.Alphonse, and Moofy! Moofy's hairstyle is supposed to match Alphonse's and the coat too.
...MY GOD, DID I DRAW ALPHONSE'S FRINGE ON THE WRONG SIDE? Should've used references,should've used references.

Tags: art, doodles, hagaren
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